My Story

Who is J Ben Vernazza?

Ben’s earliest ambition was to be a percussionist:

  • He won 3rd place Gene Krupa Drum Contest 1949,
  • And served as principal percussionist in the All-West Coast High School Symphony Orchestra 1951.
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  • Then the Korean War started so Ben went to university and joined the Air Force ROTC, sold vacuum cleaners door to door, worked in the wholesale produce market,
  • He was nicknamed “Dow Jones” by his fraternity brothers at Stanford due to calling his brokers between classes, and graduated with a BA and MA in Economics,
  • His experience selling, laboring, trading and learning paid off later when he pursued his interest in becoming a CPA by taking an accounting correspondence course to pass the time while serving as an Air-Sea Rescue Helicopter Pilot.
BenSolos RescueHeliPracticing
  • He started a traditional CPA firm and sold it in 1975,
  • Built and managed chain of car washes, self service stations and delis,
  • Took a self-paid sabbatical to visit and study in major world financial centers,
  • Had one of the first CPA firms in 1976 to actively manage money as an ‘untraditional’ CPA firm and investment advisor. (LEARN MORE about his clients’ investment returns.)
  • Published his first article in 1989, still valid today: BASIC POSTULATES OF INVESTMENT PLANNING,
PracticalAcctCvr PostulatesPrAcArt
  • Became Principal Percussionist and Board Member Santa Cruz County Symphony,
  • Started Flying his plane to meet clients e.g.1¼ hrs. to Mendocino/Mammoth vs. 6-7 hours by car,
  • Bought a dive resort in the Cayman Islands with three bare-foot Californians,
  • Formed a trust company with a lawyer in U.S. Virgin Islands,
  • Started a joint venture with Grenada Nutmeg Assn. and produced 1.3 mill. Grenada Nutmeg Kits,
NutmegFacMV_BV-sorting NutmegFacMV_BV
  • Assisted U.S. Virgin Islands to adopt Foreign Sales Corporations (FSC) legislation,
  • Was recognized by President Reagan with The Private Sector Initiative Commendation Award,
  • Organized The Overseas Oversight Group LLC Isle of Man, protector services for trusts,
  • Received the Department of Transportation FAA Wright Bros. Master Pilot Award
  • Started serving on the Santa Cruz County Bicycle Committee.
  • THEN in early 2013, be sold his investment advisory business in his 80th year,
  • AND NOW, he uses his acquired knowledge and experience as co-founder of Precision Fiduciary Analytics, which provides fiduciary compliance services for the reduction of uncompensated risk for private and public pension plans, non-profits, family offices, and hedge funds.
  • P.S. Still flying, bicycling, playing the bongos too! The beat goes on.

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